Have You Heard? What Happens At A Juggling Convention? Is Your Best Bet To Grow

If you have ever considered attending a Juggling Convention, but don't know what to expect, I hope that article can get you excited enough to book a ticket and love this new experience!

Every convention is unique. Even the same convention in consecutive years may vary (including being in a different venue), but usually they have several things in common. This informative article describes what mcdougal has experienced at various Conventions throughout Europe.

Basically, a Juggling Convention is somewhere that the load of jugglers and prop manipulators (devilstick, diabolo and every other prop you can think of) can meet up and enjoy each other's company. Plenty of chances to practice your skills, but greatly a case of choosing your personal adventure, as you might have just as much fun being inspired watching other folks practice, and chatting to friends than actively learning something!

Main Juggling Hall:

This is actually the main meeting area for many jugglers. This will hopefully be open 24hrs per day, which allows everyone the opportunity to practice and be inspired constantly of the day. If you have travelled from overseas, you may not need to adjust the human body clock to the new timezone to be able to practice at your regular time! It's not the very best place to test and arrange to generally meet someone, as you will undoubtedly be in a space with hundreds of other ジャグラー打ち方 Be sure you bring your tent if the function requires camping, when you are prohibited to simply find a large part of the key juggling hall to sleep in (I think it will be quite scary to test and sleep while props were flying all around you anyway)!


These are run voluntarily, although sometimes it is written into the public show main acts contracts that they have to provide a few workshops teaching their craft as part of the deal. Most of the entertainers might have happily volunteered to get this done anyway! These workshops will undoubtedly be free to attend and take part in, and you will find out what's happening and where it's happening by consulting the huge notice boards usually near the reception/information desk. They are in a grid style with the full time (usually in hourly blocks) down the left, and the room name across the top. This creates a wonderful grid which may be filled in by anyone coming along and writing in a space. Between 10am-6pm on most days of a big ジャグラー打ち方 目押し convention, you can certainly just fill your own time attending classes and learning from lots of experts in a variety of prop manipulation! Folks are encouraged to perform a workshop, and when you yourself have a particular request for a certain workshop, it's worth contacting the workshop organiser prior to the function as they could have the ability to encourage the best person to perform this kind of workshop particularly for you!


If you participate in a Juggling Club, then it's a good idea to prepare to camp together and form your personal tribe. It can help you to consider one another throughout the convention, and allows a great gathering destination for a calm down and eat between your planned activities. Sometimes there might be a peaceful camping area, and a more noisy area. Don't expect the quiet area to be quiet, but it should hopefully be much less noisy compared to the other one!

Convention Pass:

Carry this with you constantly! If you lose it, you will need to buy a different one! Hopefully the convention organisers will have made the pass something useful like a container opener, or a bracelet so you can be able to hold it around with you.


This usually happens each night, usually after 10.30pm (except the first and last night's of a convention) and gives anyone to be able to get fully up and do something. The product quality completely varies from night to night, and it lasts provided that individuals are willing ahead on stage and do something. You will see one or two hosts trying to manage what's happening. The show might start fairly clean, but can quickly descend into a lot more filth depending on how drunk/fearless the participants get. Repeatedly I have left a renegade before ab muscles end only to learn that a major juggling star got up and did a fantastic routine after I choose to go! Sometimes the acts in a renegade would be the stars from the Public Show, and sometimes their act is better yet at a renegade whilst the pressure is off, and they can benefit from the show and attempt more difficult routines. Doesn't matter when they create a mistake, as it's just a renegade where anyone is welcome to test anything! At the final BJC I attended, the largest applause for a Renegade Act went along to the Security Guard (guarding the campsite) who had learned to juggle through the week and did an easy cascade pattern! Many acts who started out giving it a try during a renegade have continued to become stars of the Public Show. We all have to begin somewhere and Renegade is one particular open invite opportunities never to be missed!

Other Festivals:

Sometimes other conventions turn into a part of the main convention. It's happened at the British Juggling Convention where they have hosted the National Kendama Championships, along with the Balloon Modelling Convention. At the Scottish Juggling Convention, we also had the National Face Painters. This certainly helped even up the male-female ratio for the Ceilidh, and also provided the acts for the Public Show with stunning face paint and make up!


All of the big names from the planet of Juggling (such as Beard, Butterfingers, Oddballs, Lazy Juggler etc) will undoubtedly be selling juggling equipment usually in a large part of the key juggling hall or even a special marquee. You will see opening times every day, and you could grab a bargain in the event that you hold on toward the ultimate day before building a purchase (it saves them packing away equipment to their vans if they can sell it!)

Public Show:

Whilst the name suggests, this can be a show that is ready to accept the Public. The Jugglers will usually have paid for this as part of their convention ticket price, but which means they will need to look after their ticket for the whole week until it's time for the show, so keep it safe! It's usually held in a big theatre with free buses laid on from the Convention site direct to the venue, arriving a couple of hours before the show, so that individuals can discover a different part of the world and acquire some dinner before it begins! The show will undoubtedly be high in acts picked to impress the key public (who will likely never have attended this sort of show before) along with a number of the top jugglers in the Country/World to essentially impress the Juggling community.

Juggling Games:

Your opportunity to take part in a variety of juggling related games using a variety of different props. Just like fun to watch as to take part in! Consider (and stand well back from) the Unicycle Gladiators competition, and marvel at the skills of the 7 ball endurance among the many games that might be played!


This doesn't always happen, but sometimes if the Convention is holding the Public Games in the Town Centre, then a parade might be organised between both spaces. It lets the neighborhood Community see lots of wonderful and unique jugglers and provides you with to be able to flaunt some skills!

Chill-out Zone / Games Zone:

There may hopefully be an area set aside for people to relax, enjoy some food and chat together without the opportunity to be hit on the pinnacle with a flying prop. Sometimes jugglers will have brought a load of board games, and that is your chance to enjoy the joys of reversi-robot or Elk-fest and a number of other interesting and very unique games! Hopefully you'll remember to do some juggling sooner or later and not just stay static in this zone all day!